AiK2 Launches First-of-its-Kind Protection Cryptography

AiK2 Insurance Services, in collaboration with the world’s foremost insurers, is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind crypto endorsement. This new offering will allow advisors who offer crypto to adequately cover those assets for the very first time under their E&O insurance policies. “AiK2 is committed to staying ahead of the needs of financial advisors and advocating on their behalf — even if that means disrupting the insurance industry,” said Dan Jones, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AiK2. “Crypto is a rapidly changing market and one that may soon affect nearly every portfolio. It was a prime area for us to make a difference on behalf of our advisors’ clients, and ensure they are adequately protected.” The endorsement modifies an advisor’s current insurance to add digital asset dedicated coverage and covers a variety of crypto custodians to those who qualify. The coverage specifically covers digital asset wrongful actions: Any error, misstatement and misleading statement, negligent action or omission, neglect or breach or duty by an insured executive, its insured advisers, or its insured persons. This cutting-edge protection was not just innovation for innovation’s sake; the market demanded it. “As the market for cryptocurrency continues to grow and affect portfolios, it’s imperative for the advisors managing them to be protected,” said Clint Sorenson, Co-Founder of WealthShield. “The demand is out there, and AiK2 was the first firm to crack the puzzle.”


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