Apptronik Raises $14.6M in Seed Funding


Apptronik, an Austin, TX-based robotics company specializing in the development of versatile, mobile robotic systems that can work alongside humans, raised $14.6m in Seed funding. Backers included Capital Factory, Grit Ventures, Perot Jain and other strategic investors. The company intends to use the funds to fulfill current customer orders while accelerating the commercialization of a mass-produced humanoid robot capable of working alongside humans. Led by Jeff Cardenas, CEO, Apptronik is a robotics company that has built a platform to deliver and scale a variety of general-purpose robots. Founded in 2016 out of the Human Centered Robotics Lab at the University of Texas at Austin, the company aims to introduce robots for unstructured environments across enterprises. Already, the company has delivered many human-centered robots to the marketplace, several of which currently operate inside Fortune 50 enterprises including manufacturing, automotive, supply chain, defense and more.



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