Beeks is appointed by Form3 to support their payments technology platform

Beeks GroupThey are delighted to announce that they were chosen by Form3The leading cloud-native payment technology provider has partnered with, to create a private network and host their payments technology platform. “We’re delighted to have successfully implemented the Beeks infrastructure as a core part of our platform,” says Michael Mueller, Form3’s CEO. “In today’s rapidly changing payments landscape, the future of payments is in the cloud. It’s critical for our customers to be able to evolve their solutions and continue to improve transactional speed, convenience and security for stakeholders across the world.” Michael continued: “We’ve been working closely with Beeks to design a network that addresses the stringent security and performance requirements our sector demands, especially as payment volumes scale up. The Beeks solution provides us with the flexibility that allows us to have our own secure, private security infrastructure within a managed hybrid cloud environment, and there’s not a lot of providers that would allow us to do that.” Form3 is a payments platform that has evolved from the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requirements. Form3’s cloud-based, single API payments technology platform reduces payment times for bank to bank payments within the UK from days to milliseconds, accelerating UK payment processing. Being household names in the financial sector, Form3’s customers have high expectations for a robust platform to meet their stringent requirements. “Regulatory compliance concerns continue to be the most significant cloud challenge for the financial services sector”, Gordon McArthur is CEO of Beeks. “We’re delighted to have successfully built an intelligent, secure environment for Form3 that not only meets those exacting standards but eliminated some of the risks — and a lot of the costs — that come with in-house infrastructure solutions, making it a lot easier for Form3 to get value to their business.” The successful collaboration between Form3’s specialist market knowledge and expertise in software together with Beeks’ private cloud infrastructure, network design, support and implementation provided a market-leading, end-to-end solution. Beeks developed and deployed resilient infrastructure at two locations in the UK. It included a private cloud that was fully secured, as well as a secure network. You can also get 24/7 managed support and dedicated access to several public cloud service providers. “By building a secure, private cloud with a private network for the Form3 payments platform”, Gordon continues, “Beeks enabled Form3 to concentrate on their core competencies — designing, developing and implementing their payments platform.” “Due to the success of this project, Form3 are confidently expanding their solution to a new region, with Beeks as their technology partner.” “We not only built a flexible, compliance-resilient infrastructure, but we did it in a fantastically collaborative and timely manner, and we’re extremely excited to continue such a great partnership”.



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