BillionToOne raises $125M for Series C funding BillionToOneA Menlo Park, CA-based molecular diagnosis company,, has raised $125M in Series C financing.

Hummingbird Ventures was represented by Adams Street Partners. Baillie Gifford, Neotribe Ventures. Norwest Venture Partners. Civilization Ventures. Participation from Baillie Gifford. Thomas Bremner from Adams Street Partners is joining BillionToOne’s Board of Directors. The company plans to use the funds for expansion of the clinical and commercial teams, scaling up the lab capacity and conducting clinical studies for the liquid biopsy test. Co-founded by Oguzhan Atay, Ph.D., and David Tsao, Ph.D., BillionToOne is a molecular diagnostics company with a mission to make molecular diagnostics more accurate, efficient, and accessible. The company’s QCT molecular counter platform can count DNA molecules at the single-count level with single base-pair precision. Its flagship product, UNITY Screen™, is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that can assess fetal risk for common recessive conditions and aneuploidies from one maternal blood sample. UNITY Screen™ does not require a paternal sample to assess fetal risk, supporting greater equity in care.



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