Coaction Global Modernizes Product Distribution through ClarionDoor

ClarionDoorZywave is proud to announce the creation of a special property and casualty insurance company. Coaction Specialty Insurance Group, has selected ClarionDoor to modernize product distribution capabilities for the company’s commercial general liability and commercial property lines of business. Coaction is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey. It combines product, analysis, and underwriting capabilities, strong industry knowledge, partnerships, and special insurance solutions to provide specialty insurance for the property and casualty, entertainment and executive liability verticals. Coaction’s focus on ensuring the continued delivery of exceptional value to partners and policyholders led the company to ClarionDoor as part of a digital transformation and core system replacement initiative. “Developing and launching modern insurance products and solutions is a priority for Coaction,” Mike Sciole, Coaction’s COO. “Partnering with ClarionDoor will allow Coaction to support future growth, streamline distribution, and elevate our service standards helping us deliver products to the market for a frictionless sales experience.” ClarionDoor’s product distribution solution equips insurance customers with a powerful product engine fronted by a remarkable underwriting interface that provides a real-time, seamless distribution experience. ClarionDoor’s rapid implementation capabilities enable insurers to develop and deploy innovative products and empower the sales channel with complete policy rate, quote, bind, and issuance capabilities. “During the selection process, it was clear that Coaction’s immediate goal was to launch their products fast and with full distribution and API capabilities on day one,” Patrick McCall, ClarionDoor’s vice president of sales, said:. “Our innovative insurance technology and rapid development approach will enable Coaction to launch their E&S carrier division quickly and establish a frictionless sales, underwriting, and distribution experience. We are thrilled to be part of Coaction’s continued journey.”




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