Crypto Exchange MEXC Global Leads 150M Development Fund With Huobi and Bybit

MEXC Global’s cryptocurrency exchange has launched a $150 Million development fund. Fetch.aiHuobi and Bybit are also using a blockchain-based machinelearning platform called.

According to an email statement sent Tuesday, the money will be used to encourage developers to use the platform.

“As a project, we are now ready for’s technology to be scaled and to make it available for developers to deploy on any chain out there and provide cross-chain interaction and tools to build much more sophisticated logic using’s technology,” Humayun Sheikh, the company’s CEO and founder, told CoinDesk.

Cambridge, U.K.-based is a layer 1 blockchain that can act as a layer 2 network as well as an interchain bridge.

Layer 1 blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum operate independently from all other blockchains. Layer 2-chains aim to accelerate transactions on existing Blockchains.

The company uses autonomous economic agents, which it calls digital twins, to mimic real-world objects on the blockchain. Sheikh stated that the agents are able to help users generate economic value. They can also be used as a collaborative intelligence that assists users and businesses in making better decisions.

The technology has been used to create a decentralized manufacturing marketplace for Festo, a German electromechanical systems manufacturer.

In March 2021, raised $5 million from GDA Group, a Toronto-based digital asset firm.

FET is the native token of the company.


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