DeFi Platform Oasis App Raised $6M in Series A Round was launched to allow DeFi users to borrow and increase their exposure to crypto currencies, as well earning on their assets. It has now raised $6 million through a Series-A funding round led Libertus Capital. The round was also supported by Road Capital and other prominent investors in the DeFi sector. The funding round of $6 million was both in cash and in crypto. This funding follows the project’s initial seed round of $5M from UDHC Finance back in June 2021 when Oasis was taken out of the Maker Foundation as part of its dissolution. will use this funding to improve their product offering, grow their team, and strengthen their brand identity. “We’re excited to partner with the Oasis team as they continue to build out products and tools that enable DeFi users to seamlessly and safely deploy their capital. Oasis is the team that has created the №1 DeFi app that can interact with the Maker Protocol. With this funding, we look forward to them bringing their world class smart contract and security expertise into the broader DeFi ecosystem”, said Libertus. “It’s been an incredible journey so far. We’re proving our vision of becoming the most trusted place in DeFi to deploy and manage capital. has received funding to allow it to expand the features we will be using next. We are humbled that has been able to collaborate with such great investors. This is a huge-time win for DeFi, as users not only see the potential, but also find the technology to access it. It’s still early days for DeFi and we are excited to be driving the next phase of adoption.” Chris Bradbury, CEO offers decentralized financing. This platform can be used to swap tokens, borrow Dai against your favorite cryptocurrencies or increase your exposure against them — all in one place. After just six months of its launch, the Traded Volume for Multiply reached $1 Billion. is a trusted, secure and reliable entry point to deploying your capital in DeFi. It is a team of passionate thinkers and builders who strive to make the experience better for everyone while maximising return.




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Gateway to News Africa! | All about Startups and Entrepreneurship.

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