Demotech Announces Save the Date for Florida Property Insurance Session

Joe Petrelli and Sharon Romano Petrelli, co-founders, Demotech, the first party to publicly request a special session to address the litigation crisis that has overtaken Florida’s residential property insurance marketplace, are pleased to issue this Save the Date for Demotech’s webinar on June 2, 2022, 1100 am to 1230 pm, Eastern. Petrelli notes, “The reforms enacted in 2019And 2021 have not curtailed the level of litigation associated with Florida’s residential property insurance marketplace. With approximately 8% of the open homeowners’ insurance claims in the country yet 75% of the litigation on open homeowners’ claims, insurance-purchasing Floridians have been funding the growth and expansion of a few plaintiff attorney firms and roofers. We believe it’s time for the legislature, to pass meaningful and substantial reform that will withstand scrutiny from the courts and to make an effort towards moving litigation levels toward a representative level. Anything less supports the status quo.” Sharon Romano PetrelliCPCU. AIAF, CCP. ARC. Vice President and cofounder., “Governor Ron DeSantis stepped up to call a special session on this important issue. It would have been obvious by now if the 2019 and 2020 reforms had started to shift the level of litigation towards a representative level. It is time for reforms that move the litigation needle toward normalcy.” Demotech has confirmed the following participants:

As of this date, the following are also confirmed:




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