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2 min readApr 19, 2022


DigiSure and RVshare are the most trusted rental insurance providers

RVshare, The largest and most comprehensive rental marketplace in the world, along with an insurance technology platform. DigiSureToday’s announcement enables RVshare to provide insurance and protection in house. DigiSure is a premier insurance technology platform and the preferred program partner for mobility businesses. Together with RVshare’s inventory of over 100,000 RVs, the new joint program debuts as the largest of its kind in the sharing economy.

Crum & Forster, a market leader in specialty insurance solutions, is the insurance provider for the auto liability component of this product, allowing RVshare customers direct access to an exclusive insurance coverage solution, from initial application through the handling of the claim. This partnership allows RVshare’s customers access to more robust insurance and protection coverage, enhancing the marketplace experience for RVshare renters and owners.

The RVshare Insurance and Protection Plan offers the best coverage available. It covers both comprehensive and collision as well as acts of God. The new plan’s nationwide protection coverage extends through all 50 states and Canada, including:

  • Every booking is subject to the highest-quality vetting and verification
  • Protection against liability insurance up to $1M
  • Comprehensive coverage, including trailer and campsite liability

“Our goal was to bring an insurance product to the market that is better than any other option in the RV rental space,” said Brian Rogers, RVshare’s Vice President, Protection Products. “Even during the best-planned trips, unavoidable incidents can happen. A quick and efficient resolution of any claim is in everyone’s best interests if an incident occurs. With DigiSure as our partner, RVshare will offer customers peace of mind, more benefits, and cost-saving solutions.”

RVshare selected DigiSure’s digital claim management technology and experienced claim handling team to minimize friction and maximize efficiency throughout the claim process, resulting in an expected 50% faster resolution time, and faster return-to-platform times for vehicle owners. RVshare’s Customer Support team will continue to offer a rapid and expert response to accidents, including 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with RVshare and Crum & Forster to deliver best-in-class insurance and protection products built using RVshare’s unique data and insights,” said Mike Shim, DigiSure CEO & Co-Founder. “Bringing data, insurance, and technology together to create win-win-win solutions for customers moves our industry forward, and this is a fantastic example of doing exactly that.”



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