Fintech startup that is rapidly growing leverages next-generation payment solutions to revolutionize ecommerce spending

B4B PaymentsA global leader in payments,, is excited to announce a new partnership. Juni, a Swedish fintech company, has selected B4B Payments UK to provide its innovative financial services for ecommerce companies. This service is part of a new B4B offering that helps fintech startups scale up their offerings faster. Gothenburg-based Juni was listed as 2021’s fastest-growing fintech startup in Europe, raising $76M in Series A funding and has recently come out of beta with its all-in-one financial management platform. With a goal of eliminating common challenges faced by ecommerce businesses, Juni has leveraged B4B Payments’ BIN sponsorship 2.0 service to power their prepaid card proposition, with the aim of making it easy for businesses to keep track of their finances across multiple platforms. Paul Swinton, CEO of B4B Payments, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Juni to bring the Juni prepaid Mastercard to market and to see our payment solutions leveraged in such an innovative way to empower ecommerce and digital marketing entrepreneurs. As an established fintech firm ourselves, we’re excited to be part of Juni’s success, and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve their ambitious roadmap.” Samir El-Sabini is the co-founder of Juni and its CEO.: “We’re really excited about our partnership with B4B and their support in building our infrastructure. It will allow us scale Juni and keep up our fast-paced growth. Most importantly, it will give our customers greater value when they use our platform. Through B4B, we’ve recently launched our new USD accounts and Mastercard cards, and we’re looking forward to launching additional currencies and features in the coming months.” B4B Payments’ issuing solution is designed to provide an easier path to market for innovative fintech firms like Juni by removing many of the complexities of regulatory compliance. Although Juni is not yet a financial regulated entity, B4B Payments allows them to integrate fully compliant and secure card issuing and payment services seamlessly into their platform. Juni has chosen B4B Payments as their support for the launch of their virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card. Juni has chosen B4B Payments to support the launch of their virtual Mastercard prepaid card. The Juni Card allows ecommerce businesses to access data from multiple accounts and make payments in multiple currencies. B4B Payments’ next-gen solutions are designed to scale flexibly over time to support fintech companies from their earliest days as a start-up through to becoming a fully licensed entity in their own right. B4B Payments is committed to supporting fintech companies in the future by providing access to all required licenses as well as a wealth of resources and expert assistance.



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