FOMO app reaches 100K users, opens Series A funding round FOMOSouth Africa’s first app for connecting users to the best restaurant deals using geolocation was launched in 2020. It has since grown to over 100k users and is now part of the activities and events vertical.

This is because we are seeing a rise in financially savvy consumers looking to stretch their dining out budget by eating at special restaurants. Restaurant owners and businesses are also looking for alternative marketing channels to promote their establishments beyond traditional channels such as in-store marketing and own websites. FOMO plans to expand into other countries than South Africa in 2022. Ryan Marx CEO and co-Founder says “The FOMO team are really excited about achieving this milestone and will continue to strive to provide the best user experience to our loyal customers.” You can use the app to find, rate and book any of the 1,000 restaurants or request directions. On the back of FOMO’s growth, they have expanded on their product offering by including indoor and outdoor activities and events. Jax du Plessis CMO and Co-Founder of FOMO had this to say: “As we were coming out of final restrictions in Q4 of 2021, we saw a massive demand for listings on outdoor activities and events, such as Paragliding, sunset cruises, etc, users want to get out and about again and return to normal” FOMO lets users purchase discounted passes to all activities by purchasing directly through their site or app. FOMO currently has their Series A funding round open. This will allow FOMO to fuel product development like the City Pass for Tourists. This all-in-one pass is valid for 30 day and allows tourists to visit South African attractions. This funding will also allow for expansion to other territories than South Africa during the third quarter of 2022.


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