GoMyCode, an ed-tech startup in Tunisia, has raised $8 million Series A for its expansion plans GoMyCode, an ed-tech startup in Tunisia, has raised US$8 million Series B funding to support its expansion plans in Africa and the Middle East.

In 2017, the company was founded. GoMyCodeAlthough the company began as a school for coding, it now offers various training programs for tech and digital jobs. The startup uses an online and offline learning model to provide training in app and web development, data science and user experience. The startup has been busy expanding its reach across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East over the past year. To further those plans, it has closed a Series A round of US$8million led by AfricInvestThrough the Cathay AfricInvest Innovation Fund, (CAIF), you can access these funds. Proparco. Wamda Capital also continued to invest, having invested in GoMyCode’s seed round. GoMyCode now has offices in eight African and Middle East countries. Over 1,000 new students sign up each month for one of the 30 courses. The Series A funding will drive the startup’s presence in 12 countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Saudi Arabia, and expand its presence in countries where it is already established. By 2024, the startup will have 50 new locations across 12 countries. “We’re addressing a demand that almost no other company is capturing at our scale ” said Yahya Bouhlel, CEO and co-founder of GoMyCode. “Local traditional training centers offer outdated content and methodology, and international online players struggle to enroll African students, due to their lack of understanding of local markets and unaffordable price points. We have a blended education model, we teach in twelve local languages and we’re positioning ourselves as a regional leader. I want to thank our investors for believing in what we’re doing, and I’m excited for what’s to come.”



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