Google Could Offer a Variety of Watch Band Options for Pixel Watch Personalizing your watch by choosing a watch band that best suits your style is an important part of owning it. Watch owners can choose from a sleek or sporty style, and there are plenty of options to suit their needs. For most Android watches, this means that you have to run over to Amazon to buy cheap $5 bands. This can cause skin rash and burns. What I’m saying is that quality first party bands aren’t common, unless you own an Apple Watch. Google is working to have a decent lineup of products available for the Pixel Watch. We hope this means high quality. The folks at 9to5Google heard from sources who believe Google has at least 7 bands on the way, like the Rubber/silicone strap seen above that should come on the Pixel Watch out of the box. The rest of the watch bands Google could release for the Pixel Watch include a Milanese-style band, metal link bracelet, a couple of leather options, plus fabric and stretch bands. I’d imagine there will be several colors of some styles as well, in case you were considering 7 to be too few. Of course, first party or “Made for Google” accessories likely means a price well north of those cheap bands I just complained about that I buy too often from Amazon. If you need an idea of the types of prices we could see, think of the standard Apple Watch Sport Band (like the Pixel Watch band above) at $49 or Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 sport bands at $39.99. You can also choose from Milanese or metallic link bracelets starting at $79 and ending at $449. I can’t imagine Google coming in much cheaper than either of those. The mechanism by which the Pixel Watch bands are connected to the watch is another thing to consider. We know it’s a proprietary system rather than the universal quick release systems that so many other watches utilize. What does a custom watch band system cost? It will certainly limit the companies who choose to make them, that’s for sure. Google seems to be preparing for a large Pixel Watch launch. This should include a decent selection of accessories. You love to hear that, but now we need to learn more about its supposedly-dated, yet still customized chip.

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