GOOGLE PIXEL 7, PIXEL7 Pro: Release Dates and Display Details

This year was a season for early releases. Many companies rush to announce their devices early because they are in a hurry. Among the new products, which will premiere earlier than usual, we have the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. It is true that the release dates for the successors to Google Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 6 Pro won’t be moved much. Usually, the Google flagships are released in October. The Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro could be revealed in September this year. It is impossible to predict whether this prediction will be fulfilled. After examining the absence of constraining factors, the decision will be made. This could include a shortage of components, or the timely release the second generation Google Tensor chips. Well-known leaker Ross Young has revealed that the Pixel 7 should get a 6.3-inch display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, while the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen will be the same size as its predecessor. According to rumours, the Pro will get an LTPO OLED panel that has a dynamic refresh rate 120 Hz.


Early renderings of the Google Pixel 7 indicate that there aren’t many design changes to be expected. The company will take the exterior from the Pixel 6 as a basis and make some minor changes. OnLeaks, a well-known insider, published images of the new Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone. SmartPrix was also involved. The device is in many ways similar to the previous Pixel 6 model — the vertical camera block on the rear panel and the two-tone design remained in place. Images of the Pixel 7 younger model also leaked.

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The space taken up by the three cameras at the rear of the 7 Pro is quite large. The cameras included a telephoto and wide-angle camera as well as an ultra-wide one. There is also a front one — it is located under the hole cutout in the OLED display. The 7 Pro model was slightly smaller and more compact than the predecessor, but it was also slightly larger. The dimensions of the new version are 163 × 76.6 × 8.7 mm, while the old one had 163.9 × 75.9 × 8.9 mm. It is noted that in the upper part the plastic strip covering the 5G millimeter-band antenna has disappeared — the latter has migrated to the side face. The insider published renders of Pixel 7 alongside the CARHP resource. It is exactly the same design, but there are some minor differences. One of the rear cameras has a smaller diagonal display and one of its rear cameras is smaller.




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