Heffernan Insurance Brokers Introduces Women Empowered

Heffernan Insurance BrokersOne of the largest independent full-service brokerage firms for insurance in the United States. The United StatesWomen Empowered (WE), a new resource organization, has been announced by. All are welcome to join WE. It aims to boost confidence and competence and encourage positive self-branding. It also provides an opportunity for them to expand their network and support career planning. They can also get guidance on how to align work and personal goals. Women Empowered, the next iteration of Women of Influence is a group that was started at Heffernan Group. Leticia Trevino, Elizabeth Bishop?, and Jennifer MahoneyWho demonstrate leadership qualities and professional merit throughout their careers. We are one, connected, and we all work together as one front. We are all empowered when we work together. “As women, we have so much to offer. WE is focused on creating opportunities and forums for us to share, learn, and grow as we strive to be the best versions of ourselves,” Jen MahoneyHeffernan Insurance Brokers Chief Operations Officer. “We are all enriched by providing a place and space for women from different backgrounds to come together and support each other along life’s journeys while educating men on the challenges women face,” Leticia Trevino, Chief Insurance Compliance Officer, Heffernan Insurance Brokers.



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