Hexagon Wireless Raised $2M in Seed Capital Hexagon WirelessSeed funding of $2M was raised by, a Miami-based provider decentralized wireless technology.

Hypersphere Ventures was one of the backers. Other backers were Mechanism Capital, Superfluid Group Mahesh Rajakrishnan, Superfluid Group as well as Salvador Gala. The company plans on using the funds to buy and deploy DeWi hardware, and to expand and maintain its staff. Hexagon Wireless, led by Alex Kenjeev as CEO, is a developer of decentralized wireless tech. It works at the intersection of crypto and wireless technology, in an industry known as decentralized wireless (DeWi). DeWi is an innovative model for building and maintaining wireless networks. DeWi allows anyone to purchase and install hardware that creates wireless coverage. It also democratizes spectrum ownership and access. DeWi networks offer data transfer and connectivity at a lower cost than traditional centralized networks. The company works with enterprise partners such as real estate owners or infrastructure companies to scale up the deployment of DeWi mining equipment.



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