HonestDoor raises CAD$2.2M for Seed Funding HonestDoorCAD$2.2m seed funding was provided by CAD$2m to a website in Edmonton, Alberta that provides property valuations.

Luge Capital was the lead, with participation by Bluesky Equities. Conconi Growth Partners. Panache Ventures. REACH Canada. SAF Group. Startup TNT. Wheaton Group. Inspiring entrepreneurs Sanders Lee and Ashif Mawji. The company plans to use these funds to expand its real-estate platform and facilitate the instant delivery of AVMs (automated valuation models) on any property in Canada. HonestDoor was founded in 2018 by Daniel Belostotsky (founder and CEO). The company uses real estate data, machine-learning, data science, data analytics, and a team data analysts to estimate the property values of condos and houses. It also provides a complete resource for Canadian real estate information, including transaction data, permit and property taxes. It allows potential homeowners and realtors to make better decisions based upon trends, predictive metrics, neighbourhood shifts and permits requested for properties they are interested in buying. HonestDoor is the current go-to resource for real estate in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

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