How an investor sold his rock NFT worth a million for virtually nothing Remember Ether Rocks — the plain rock jpegs that became incredibly valuable NFTs last year? A lucky owner recently tried to cash in on one of those collectibles — but accidentally sold it for under a cent.

Twitter user @dino_dealer (aka Rock Dust), used to hold EtherRock #44. He planned on selling it for 444 ETC. At today’s price, that’s over $1 million. The idea wasn’t crazy: multiple other ‘worthless’ images within the same collection sold for well over $500,000 last August. Dust, however, accidentally overpriced its listing and put it up for 444 Wii instead of ETH. Wei is the smallest ETH currency that can be traded. Exactly 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei is equal to just 1 ETH. Also, the 444 Wei for which the rock was listed is worth orders-of-magnitude less than a penny. Dust was not able to reverse the listing: A trading bot grabbed the NFT free of charge within the same block. Dust said that his entire net worth was placed in the digital rock, and asked those who sniped it to “show mercy”. This isn’t the first time an NFT holder butchered his own sale: in December, one BAYC holder sold his ape for $3 rather than $300,000. These kinds of accidents are almost impossible to fix because crypto transactions can be peer to peer and irreversible. Dust agreed that his accident was somewhat of an “easy come, easy go” scenario, which caused him to not carefully double-check his sale before making it. “The controls are the same whether transacting $1 or $1 billion,” he said. “It’s just a line of data and a click of a button.”


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