How to enable two-factor authentication on your google account If you’re wondering how to enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) for your Google account, we’ve got your back. Many people use simple passwords consisting of only characters. It is time to find out more about how we can protect our online accounts. 2FA (two factor authentication) is temporary until we move to a passwordless future. Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others have made a significant step in this direction. These tech behemoths are supporting security body FIDO’s passwordless sign-in standard. Many companies are also using 2FA. Two-factor authentication is a way for individuals and companies to reduce the security risks associated with the internet. Google already allows 2FA to be enabled by default for multiple accounts. Users do not need to do anything. Last year, nearly 1.8 billion Gmail account holder were active. This search engine will not spare any effort to enable 2FA in Gmail accounts that are active. However, the security update will not be released simultaneously by the company. Facebook was reportedly working on enabling a new 2FA method for Instagram in 2021. As part of this update, Instagram would send 2FA codes to a user’s WhatsApp account. Google may not be able to appreciate some users requiring 2FA. However, it will enhance the security of their accounts. If you don’t want to wait for Google to enable 2FA for all Google Users, this guide will help you set up two-factor authentication in your Google Account.

An Android device can be used to access Google account settings. The Google app is the best way to access Google account settings. This method is universal regardless of what device you are using. Now, let’s check out how you can enable the two-factor authentication feature on your Google account. Open the Google app. Tap the profile picture in the upper left corner. Go to Manage your Google Account. Navigate to Security tab at top.

Google App Security Setting_2
Google App Security Setting_1

Under “Signing in to Google,” tap 2-Step Verification, and then hit Get Started. Next, select the Google account and click Next to log in.

Google 2 step verification_1
Google 2 step verification_2
Google 2 step verification_3

Next, verify that you are the one signing it in. You will find all devices currently signed into your Google account on the next page. These devices provide secondary authentication for when you log in to your Google account from a different phone. You will receive notification about these signed-in devices. You have the option to approve or deny the login attempt. Notably, you’ll need to have these devices in hand. This increases the security of you account. On an Android device, Google will request to complete a second step to verify it is you. This includes prompting Google. Google Help Center suggests that you need to update Google Play services on your Android phone to use Google prompts. You can also use a code generator, or a hardware keys as a 2FA option. To set up 2FA for your Google account, follow these steps.

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Tap the Show More button at the bottom for two additional options First, you can use your security key. You also have the option to receive login codes via voice call or text message. You don’t need to activate the aforesaid options at the moment. You can also access them later in the Settings. Tap Continue after you have made your selection and are ready to go to the next stage. You will need to enter a number. This number will be your recovery method if you don’t have access to any log-in devices. You can tap on Use another backup option and select a different option like one-time backup codes.

Google Account 2FA setup_1
Google Account 2FA setup_2
Google Account 2FA setup_3

Before you can confirm your recovery by pressing Next, copy the code or type it.

To ensure that everything is working properly, you will need to review your two-factor authentication settings. Next, press Turn on to activate the feature. That’s it. you’re all set now. If your notifications are turned on, you’ll probably get several Google app and Gmail pop-ups at this stage. These notifications will contain information about the changes. Now, you’ll be looking at the main 2-Step Verification page for your Google account. This page will allow you to review all settings for two-factor authentication. Scroll down to see additional security options. You can even create an authenticator app so that you don’t get security keys and backup code.

Google 2FA last steps_1
Google 2FA last steps_2
Google 2FA last steps_3

Using an authenticator can increase the security of your account. Moreover, you can use Google’s own app or download a third-party app. If someone tries to sign in to your Google account, you’ll receive a pop-up screen. Just by clicking a button, you can allow or deny the login attempt. You can also see the device that was used to access your Google Account.

2FA Google login_1
2FA Google login_2
2FA Google login_3

Because it holds your personal data and information, your Google account can be a valuable asset. It is vital to protect your Google account from hackers, and other online scams. Your Google account will be more secure with two-factor authentication



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