Justclean raises $6 Million for Laundry App

The cleaning marketplace platform justclean announced that it has raised $6 Million with regional investors. Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC), the company behind the initiative, was involved in this announcement. Justclean will be able to use this capital boost to accelerate its growth plans and expand its cleaning services within GCC. In that region, it is the largest cleaning marketplace app as well as the top Software as a Service provider (SaaS), as well as the leading logistics service provider in cleaning industry. Athbi Al Enezi, CEO of justclean who co-founded the company with his brother, Nouri Al Enezi, comments: “We’re thrilled to have GIC lead this round as this will give our expansion plans a massive boost. We will continue to improve the platform and diversify the service offerings. This will make justclean a great app for cleaning. We are massively excited about this considerable financial injection which will enable us to realise our ambitions and take the company into a dynamic new era of achievement and growth.” “This second tranche of funding follows an initial injection from Faith Capital, whose support was critical in enabling the platform to prosper during the early stages of its operations. We were very encouraged by the interest from investors and financial institutions across the region for this second round. GIC ‘s offering was in complete alignment with our vision; the intention to become the top marketplace platform for the cleaning industry. When people think of clean, we want them to think of justclean,” Al Enezi adds. GIC’s investment in justclean is a further testament to its interest in home-grown startups and its growing investment portfolio in the digital economy space. GIC’s portfolio of tech startups aims to identify and support leaders in the GCC space for technology. GIC cites justclean as an example of such a startup, which addresses an offline market with an innovative offering. It also boasts an impressive team. The new round of investment coincides the launch of a car wash service. This is offered to car owners at their homes, as well as in stations in Kuwait, Bahrain, Bahrain, Kuwait, Bahrain, and, most recently, KSA. The vertical expansion is part of justclean’s ambitious plans to dominate the industry, which will continue with a rollout of the newly launched service in Qatar. Al Enezi brothers, who created the justclean concept in 2016, believe that there is more scope for technology development and an expanded range of services beyond just laundry services. This will make sure that justclean is the preferred app for cleaning professionals worldwide, and not just in the GCC. Independent service providers are the main drivers of the $3 billion cleaning industry in Gulf. justclean was the first company to digitalize the service. The platform now includes many of the largest cleaning companies in the region, as well as a huge user base that will increase as the company offers enhanced services and expands into new markets. “It’s a hugely exciting time to be in this company and in this sector, where there continues to be high demand for a service that is so universal and offers the ultimate in access and convenience. We are enhancing the technology and rolling out new services that will make us the go-to app for the laundry and cleaning sector and we are looking forward to fulfilling our global ambition,” enthuses Nouri Al Enezi, deputy CEO.



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