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MetaBlaze Crypto Presale — The Second ICO Round Is Now Open to All

MetaBlaze, a Blockchain Gaming Company, raised more than $2.1M in its Initial Coin Offering. It reached its goal in three days. MetaBlaze launches the second round for its ICO. At present, there are 2,000 wallet holders. MetaBlaze sets a new standard for web 3. MetaBlaze is a blockchain gaming project that combines key elements from two of the fastest-growing crypto categories: GameFI (Gaming Finance), and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). MetaBlaze (MBLZ token) is a multi-chain, deflationary crypto coin built on the Binance smart chain and Ethereum Blockchain. MBLZ token can perform a variety of functions and serves as the currency native to its gaming metaverse. MBLZ token holders automatically get two passive income streams from a Metaflection/BlazeReward mechanism.

dApp (Decentralized Application)

The MetaBlaze ecosystem revolves around its dApp (Decentralized Application), known as “BlazedApp.” The BlazedApp is an intelligent decentralized application serving as a bridge between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain. BlazedApp provides users with a range of features such as access to Blaziverse and a club membership to a 50 level strategy NFT game. Blaziverse allows you to stake tokens and earn MBLZ and NFTs as well as BUSD rewards. BlazedApp is home to Web 3’s first working ground for NFTs. Blazelands allows NFTs to be put to work and generate income for their boss (NFT owner). The dApp offers storage solutions for crypto assets as well as records of Blazepoints used within the crypto ecosystem. MetaBlaze is introducing a unique NFT renting system that will provide additional passive income for non-gamers as well as increasing accessibility for gamers. MBLZ tokens are able to generate income in two types of crypto: MetaBlaze Token(MBLZ) or Binance Coin (BNB). Holders of MBLZ tokens have the ability to connect to BlazedApp, and exchange their Binance Coin rewards with any other cryptocurrency coin on Binance Smart Chain.

AI-Driven Price Stabilization Mechanism, and Blockchain Bridge

BlazedApp is a smart-contract that runs with the MBLZ token smart contracts using AI to stabilize prices. To maintain stable prices, the AI will examine the market value as well as the supply. To maintain stable prices, the AI will automatically buy back tokens that have been sold. The dApp acts as a bridge between the Binance Smart Blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain, allowing seamless integration of multi-chain crypto coins: MetaBlaze(MBLZ).

Earn RPG points by playing

MetaBlaze’s upcoming AAA play-to-earn game will also be accessible within BlazedApp. The game is blockchain-powered and players can take the control of NFT characters and move around the game. Mystic creatures fight player-vs.-player to control the metaverse and ensure that their species is alive.

How to purchase MBLZ during the Crypto Presale

To purchase MetaBlaze Tokens in the ongoing crypto presale, please visit the MetaBlaze Website to register. The crypto presale will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. The MetaBlaze ICO Round is currently at $0.000095. Each presale transaction will receive a 5% MBLZ bonus. The official exchange listing price was set at $0.0002 in July and will take place early next year. For more information about MetaBlaze: Website & Socials


MetaBlaze, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has a multi-chain cryptocurrency token called MBLZ. The MetaBlaze Token was built on the Ethereum Blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. MetaBlaze blends the best elements of DeFi with GameFi to create an ecosystem of web 3 technology. KYC with Certik, the leading Blockchain Security Company, is the core Founding Team.



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