Nectar raises $8M in seed funding

Nectar Life SciencesFunding for a NYC-based, innovative, and comprehensive allergy platform has raised $8 million in seed funding. Juxtapose Ventures and Obvious Ventures led the round. The company plans to use the funds for the development of personalized and proprietary allergy solutions in advance of Nectar’s nationwide launch in the next months. Nectar, which will be led by Kenneth Chahine (Founder and CEO), Nectar Life Sciences, a healthcare holding company that focuses on allergy-focused care, will be the consumer-facing branding of Nectar. Nectar’s platform will make use of data and clinical research in order to offer personalized allergy treatment that targets the root cause of allergies. It also provides long-lasting relief. Its unique model will offer consumers long-lasting convenience by allowing them to access virtual care as well as physical clinics for comprehensive allergy treatment that addresses environmental, pet and food allergies. Its vertically integrated operations will enable telehealth experiences, as well as licensed compounding pharmacies to create customized, innovative, and exclusive treatments for consumers.




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