Nigeria’s NucleusIS launches credit scheme to drive insurance penetration NucleusIS, a Nigerian startup, has created a platform that allows people and businesses to purchase health insurance on credit.

2019 was the year it was founded NucleusISIt has established a solid enterprise technology platform for healthcare providers and insurance companies, and has so far enrolled seven clients. This technology can also be used to distribute insurance through distribution APIs, retail, and telco partnerships. Its credit scheme allows users to access health insurance on a “buy now, pay later” basis, allowing them to receive care while paying over a specific period. Its purpose is to accelerate and deepen Africa’s health insurance penetration. “NucleusIS will continue to look for ways to use technology and financial initiatives to drive health insurance adoption across the continent,” said head of communication Godwin Awuya. “The platform is one of the many initiatives the company will be rolling out to make health insurance truly accessible and affordable to the average person.”




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