ONE ZERO Digital Bank Selects AU10TIX for its Customer Verification System & KYC Process

ONE ZERO Digital BankIt is proud to announce that it has chosen AU10TIXIt will power its customer verification system, KYC (Know Your Customer), platform. The Bank of Israel, Israel’s central bank, gave ONE ZERO Digital Bank its stamp of approval to use AU10TIX’s technology. AU10TIX’s technology allows ONE ZERO Digital Bank to perform identity verification to new customers as part of the onboarding process as well as every activity that requires re-verification, such as making changes to a bank account, resetting a password and any banking activity that requires identity verification. The AU10TIX solution verifies a new customer’s identity by performing a biometric comparison of a submitted identification to a selfie. The AU10TIX tech is capable of detecting advanced identity fraud that is difficult for the human eye. AU10TIX’s identity intelligence platform has been successfully implemented with many of the world’s largest companies, including PayPal, Google, Uber, Bird, Payoneer, eToro, and Fiverr. AU10TIX technology is also used by Nordea Bank, Santander Bank, Saxo Bank, and many other top banks. The COVID-19 epidemic has increased the demand for identity intelligence and verification services, which in turn has accelerated remote work and business. Many companies made it a priority to identify and defeat identity fraud as the financial sector and payments moved towards the digital age. Professor Amnon Shua, founder and CEO of Mobileye, owns ONE ZERO Digital Bank. Professor Shashua played an important role in the development of artificial intelligence and is currently working to introduce autonomous vehicles to Israel. ONE ZERO Digital Bank completed a pilot program successfully and is now onboarding its 75,000 first customers. ONE ZERO Digital Bank was approved by the Bank of Israel. It began to onboard new customers with more than 250 employees. Artificial intelligence is being used by the bank to allow employees of banks to provide additional money management services via online chat or phone. Amichai LEVY, CTO at ONE ZERO Digital Bank, comments, “The relationship between bank and customer is based on trust and security. ONE ZERO is subject to the same regulations as other banks in Israel. We invest huge resources in privacy and cyber security. Thanks to AU10TIX, ONE ZERO Digital Bank can ensure our customers a secure means of identity verification with zero human intervention.” Ron Atzmon is the Founder and Acting Chair of AU10TIX., “The combination of 100% automated, forensic detection and global coverage enables our customers to continue scalable growth, improve their KYC (know your customer) capabilities with industry-leading fraud detection capabilities while saving on costs.”




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