Ryse Health Raises $3.4M in Seed Funding Ryse HealthFunding for seed capital was raised by $3.4M for a Baltimore-based startup in healthtech.

The round was led by W Health Ventures with participation from:

Ryse health, which was founded by Erin Kane MD, chief medical officer and co-founder, and Richard Gurley MBA, cofounders and chief executive officers, provides tech-enabled, office-based and virtual care for type 2 diabetic patients. The technology platform includes a continuous sugar monitor (CGM), a custom application to synthesize data and support self-management. It also facilitates smooth communication. To help patients overcome the psychosocial barriers that prevent them from overcoming chronic diseases, their care team includes endocrinologists and health coaches. Dr. Kane has been trained at Hopkins and Harvard. She was a pioneer in the Hopkins Capacity Command Center, and a GW COVID-19 remote surveillance program. This has enabled her to lead multiple care delivery redesign initiatives. She is also a McKinsey management consulting expert and has a deep understanding healthcare operations. He was the leader of two tech-enabled, value-based healthcare service startups (Evolent Health & WelbeHealth). He was an advisor to seven top healthcare growth companies including Vera Whole Health, Modern Fertility, Doctor on Demand and Modern Fertility. He also has experience in McKinsey healthcare payer/provider practice as well as the Tennessee government.




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