Simplifyd is a Nigerian startup that has raised $500k in preseed funding Simplifyd, a Nigerian startup aiming to become Africa’s go-to platform for data-free internet access, has received US$500,000 in pre-seed funding and announced the launching of ZeroData, its toll-free internet application platform.

Simplifyd was founded by Tomi Amao and Mayowa Amao in 2020. It aims to solve the problem of affordable data, especially in light of the rising pace of data consumption in Africa, especially among users of mobile and online apps. Founder and CEO Tomi Amao noted that ZeroData was born from a desire to address Africa’s pressing data affordability issue, as well as from a goal to promote greater digital inclusion in Africa. “ZeroData is intended for customers who have active data plans as well as those who do not.” The data plan of customers who have an active data plan is not used while they use the program. “Our software also allows users who do not have active data plans to have continuous access to the internet apps featured on the platform,” he said. Download the ZeroData app for Android or Windows (macOS, Windows). They have data-free access and use the websites and apps on the list. Companies can also bundle data on the ZeroData platform with their apps to make them more easily accessible and data-free for all who are most in need. After Simplifyd was accepted into the W22 batch, Y Combinator and Future Africa both gave the firm US$500,000 in preseed capital.



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