Slingshot Aerospace Raises $25M In Series A-1 Funding Round

Slingshot Aerospace

Slingshot Aerospace$25M in Series A-1 funding has been raised by a Texas-based company, headquartered in Austin and El Segundo, CA, called. The round was led by Draper Associates, and ATX Venture Partners with participation from Edison Partners, Embedded Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, Lockheed Martin Ventures, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Fund, and Okapi Venture Capital. Slingshot Aerospace, headed by Melanie Stricklan (CEO), is developing space simulation and analytical solutions that aim to help commercial and government customers accelerate space sustainability. Slingshot Beacon, the company’s space collision avoidance cross-coordination and communications platform, connects commercial, government and civil customers on one system to design, manage, and safeguard their satellites and other assets; mitigate risks; and ensure reliable operations for all spaceflight operators. It works with organizations such as OneWeb, Spire Global Inc., Orbit Fab, U.S. Space Force, U.S. Air Force, NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and more. The company intends use the funds to accelerate Slingshot Beacon commercialization and to recruit 40 new employees over 12 months. Slingshot raised $42m since its inception July 2017




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