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2 min readApr 13, 2022

Socket Supply Co. raises $3.5M for Seed Funding

Socket Supply Co.

Socket Supply CoNYC-based developer tool company, advancing cloud computing, has raised seed funding of $3.5M. The round was led and participated in by Galaxy Digital and CoinFund, with participation from 100 Acre Ventures, PeerVC, and Castle Island Ventures. The company plans to use the funds for strategic hires in areas such as protocol, open-source, and product development. Socket Supply Co.’s CEO Paolo Fragomeni, as well as CPO Dominic Tarr and CTO Jake Verbaten is pushing cloud computing. They have developed a suite that makes web deployment easier and provide an open source framework. By combining peer to peer and browser engine technology, it makes it possible for web designers to deliver Web3 through this suite of applications. Their cloud console product will be used by web developers to access platforms like AWS and command a new kind of infrastructure. Operator Tools is a cloud console product that is currently in beta. It streamlines web developer workflows to support Serverless Functions, NoSQL and cloud storage such as S3. The product’s real-time, p2p collaboration features are made possible by their framework, which allows them to build decentralized, native mobile and desktop apps, all with web-based technology. Socket Supply is open-sourcing this framework and is seeking technology partners to give early feedback. The roadmap describes a gradual approach to adding cloud providers and protocols, as well a new exciting development that looks a lot like Kubernetes.

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