Stage 2 Capital leads seed funding for Meaningful Gigs, raising $6 million Meaningful Gigs is a startup that connects Africans to international remote work. It has received $6 million in seed financing.

Rethink Education and Authentic Ventures were all part of the seed round. It was led Stage 2 Capital. Ronnie Kwesi Coleman (COO), Stephanie Nachemja–Bunton (COO) and Max Farago, a Washington, D.C.-based company, founded the tech-enabled platform in 2018. It connects enterprise companies looking for diverse and highly-skilled digital designers to African designers. It has collaborated with many multinationals in America, including IDEO, Vans, Audi, Vans, Coca-Cola and Vans. “We aim to become the world’s number one remote jobs marketplace,” Coleman stated of future aspirations. We aim to create 100,000 jobs by 2028. And, in order to do so, we’re focused on consumer empathy and truly understanding their needs. The majority of the [seed round]They will receive the best possible experience and money will be spent to do this. The experience of working with African designers is ten times better than any other. We want to invest in the development of those relationships so they don’t want to go anyplace else.” The startup is planning a massive marketing push to get at least 100 companies onto its platform within the next year. That’s up from the current 40 (of which 17 are large corporations).


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