Surer releases new and improved version its Platform

SurerA new and improved version has been released by the company. This platform addresses the top issues of both insurance brokers and insurers, allowing for greater efficiency in each party’s workflow. The release of this new version comes off the back of a year’s worth of research, survey and user research interviews where Surer also saw over 100% year-on-year increase in the Gross Written Premiums (GWP) transacted via its platform since its launch in September 2020. One of these surveys was conducted in August 2021. 61% of the insurance intermediaries surveyed stated that clients have difficulty getting multiple quotes due to multiple systems from insurers. The other two of their top three pain points were ‘too much administrative work’ and ‘difficulty obtaining quotes due to slow or non-replies’. “Since the launch of the first version of Surer in September 2020, we have continued to iterate on our solution. Over 2,000 insurance proposal activity were reviewed on our platform. We also surveyed more than 300 intermediaries and conducted over 40 hours of user research interviews. We gained a better understanding of the industry’s needs and decided to invest close to 4,500 hours in engineering and product design to create a new version of Surer. The release of this new version promises to solve even more pain points of insurers and intermediaries in the industry.”Surer founder Derren Teo. Insurance intermediaries using this new and improved version of Surer can expect access to key features like their very own ‘Digital Personal Assistant’, ‘Proposal Co-creation’ feature that smoothens their KYC (know-your-customer) process and more products that comes with ‘Instant Quote’ functionalities. Insurers can also look forward to being able to showcase and distribute their products to Surer intermediaries without any complicated technical integrations. This is enabled by an in-house ‘Product Builder’ feature that allows Surer to onboard products with instant quotation functionality within hours, on behalf of these insurers. “Surer has always prided itself as a digital insurance ecosystem. This ecosystem also includes insurance companies. While we have worked on highly technical integrations with insurers including the likes of FWD Singapore we understand many insurers are also keen to also explore less complex, ‘no code, low code’, solutions to move fast, get greater use-case confidence, before committing even more resources for full integration. Surer’s ‘Product Builder’ feature allows insurers to be able to do so and capture value fast, at low cost.” Derren added. All licensed insurance intermediaries can now access the new, improved version of Surer.



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