Ten Fintech Startups Chosen for The 2022 CATAPULT Africa Inclusion Africa LHoFT Foundation selected ten fintech companies to compete in CATAPULT. Inclusion Africa: Special Edition Dubai 2022.

This Dubai edition of CATAPULT will use the Luxembourg Microfinance, Fintech and Fintech ecosystems. There will also be a number mentors and experts from Luxembourg flying to Dubai for this program. As a demonstration of Luxembourg and the UAE’s strong partnership and collaboration, key stakeholders, partners, and mentors from the MENA area will also participate.

  • Social lender: Financial institutions that offer services based on social standing are able to help you.
  • MamaMoni Limited — Microloans for female entrepreneurs with low incomes
  • Halal Payment is a digital payments platform that leverages the Islamic banking systems.
  • eAgro: Using data analytics and machine learning for smallholder farmers’ financial inclusion.
  • VIRL Rural & Social Financial Services: Providing loans to smallholder farmers, micro and small enterprises.
  • eMaishaPay: A mobile platform that unlocks financial opportunities for SMEs across Africa.
  • International Airtime Up: International Money Transfers, Airtime, Money Transfers, and Cash Pick-up Solutions to/from African Corridors.
  • mOtito: Promotion of financial inclusion and greater access to credit in Africa
  • Damansah is an alternative credit scoring infrastructure that connects small businesses to credit providers.
  • AKIBA: Credit for small businesses and the community through alternative scoring



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