Three Nigerian startups are selected for the Techstars NYC accelerator program Three Nigerian startups have been selected to the Techstars NYC accelerator programme. They will receive US$20,000 in equity financing and other support services.

The Techstars NYC AcceleratorOver 48 countries submitted applications. The group that was selected consisted of global founders from Nigeria and Canada. These are the three Nigerian startup founders Torcheenables customers in Africa make payments with their fingerprints using biometric POS terminals. Vesti, a Neobank that offers financial services, community, and information to 272 million migrants from all over the world who don’t have banking access; VoyanceNo-code data infrastructure platform, which automates complex data processes and makes data teams more productive. Each selected startup receives US$20,000 equity funding in exchange for a 6 percent stake. “We are thrilled to be a part of the prestigious Techstars New York Programme’s 2022 cohort. Joining the programme will support us on our journey to build the future of migrant banking by fine-tuning Vesti’s product-market fit and connecting with mentors and investors as we prepare for our seed round,” said Olusola Amusan, co-founder of Vesti. “We had a very competitive application pool and selecting these 12 companies was extremely difficult. The companies joining us in this year’s class are helping solve many issues — from tools enabling financial wellness, to technology fostering better health outcomes and solutions to make supply chains more efficient and green. These companies will help guide us through life post-pandemic,” said KJ Singh, managing director of the Techstars NYC Accelerator.



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