Top ERP Software Every Entrepreneur Must Know According to The Third Wave experts, enterprise resource planning software has revolutionized the world of doing business significantly. The platform’s ability to bring together all business functions on one platform is a game-changer for both the managers and heads in each department. Directors and business owners can also access reliable data in real time. A reliable ERP is essential for every business owner. These are just a few of the most prominent brands on the market: Oracle Netsuite One World It is an ERP that has been able to penetrate all kinds of businesses around the globe. It is designed to accomplish three major tasks within a business: — General ledger — with the main purpose being accounting; like bookkeeping, invoicing and making financial statements. — Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — for handling clients’ databases and all matters relating to them — The general ERP — it has general features which guide all departments Cloud-based software means that it automatically updates the software and there is no need for it to be updated. The company charges per user annually for payments. SAP Business One German-made software also has a wide acceptance across all business sectors. It is split into two major parts, the ERP Interface and financial software. The software is capable of handling small and medium-sized businesses. This software runs under SAP HANA technology. This technology can handle any currency around the globe. SAP Business One is just like other ERP software. Users pay per month. Sage 300c Sage ERP software is a great choice for small and mid-sized businesses. It is affordable, and the company pays very little per user. This makes Sage sustainable. You can choose to have the ERP installed in-house, or hosted on servers. This interface provides everything a company needs to run efficiently. It includes accounting options and CRM capabilities. The interface allows a company to run just like any other. Small businesses are able to track inventory and manage suppliers with Sage 300c. Ecount ERP Ecount, although you might not be familiar with it, is an equally efficient ERP software that can support businesses of all sizes. The software promises seamless efficiency and, more importantly, the ability for multiple users. The software provides instant data access so managers can make quick decisions based upon reliable and accurate data. Its core features include inventory, CRM, and accounting. IQMS ERP It was specifically designed for manufacturing and runs seamlessly across all departments to create a robust and manageable system. It is a supply ERP and its effectiveness lies in the sharing of real-time data to ensure all parties are on the same page. It includes accounting, supplies, CRM, and more. The amount of users it is used by the company will determine how much they have to pay. This list of ERP software does not include all the available options, but only some of the most popular ones on the market.


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