Trailblazer Games raises $8.2M for development of a web3-Native Fantasy Universe

Startup Trailblazer Games closed an $8.2M seed funding led by Makers Fund. This round included Fabric Ventures and Play Ventures. It also featured a number of industry leaders in blockchain and gaming. Trailblazer has been instrumental in the development of blockchain-enabled games. This is by placing fun at core of truly scalable economics. They are currently developing a new IP, Eternal Dragons™, a multi-chapter epic about the long-lost Eternal Dragons™. The founding team is made up of three serial entrepreneurs as well as veteran gaming industry leaders such EA, Microsoft, and King. These individuals have experience in creating large-scale, sustainable, free-to play economies. They share a common passion for creating fun and engaging gaming experiences. Trailblazer has added to its team talent from previous collaborations with Wooga, Snowprint and other well-respected studios.

“We are on a mission to make games more fun and meaningful for our community by designing and producing high-quality games that natively embrace Web3 principles and technology” says Trailblazer CEO and co-founder Alex Arias. “Through raising this round with our partners, we can put more investments towards building our first franchise and the technology stack needed to deliver a seamless player and blockchain investor experience. This way, our players can become entrepreneurs in a new world full of opportunity — to play and prosper.”

The team’s experience spans the design and production of award-winning games and franchises like SimCity and Candy Crush — which touch billions of hearts across multiple platforms — but also the building of platforms and tools for growth and engagement powered by data and AI, as well as extensive blockchain development. The list of angel investors includes Aleksander Larsen, Chris Lee, Oliver Löffler, Santiago Santos, Itamar Lesuisse, and Sagi Shorrer, all successful entrepreneurs in Web2, Web3, and gaming. Trailblazer’s team is fully distributed and remote, allowing them to access the best talent available, as well as providing a multitude of diverse perspectives in the development process. The funds will be used to extend their partnerships and hire more talent to expand their team as they execute on Trailblazer’s ambitious roadmap and develop their first IP: Eternal Dragons™.



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