Ugami Raises $4.8M in Seed Funding


UgamiSeed funding was provided by $4.8M to a Miami-based financial rewards provider for gamers. Harlem Capital Partners was the leader of the round, with participation by FJ Labs Origins Fund and ULU Ventures. The company plans to use the funds for growth and expansion of operations, as well as to expand its business reach. Ugami, led by Hector Hulian as CEO, is a financial technology company that aims to improve the gaming experience through credit and debit card rewards programs. Ugami Debit Card is a solution that decentralizes the rewards program among top gaming and technology brands. Gamers will earn “Ugipoints” on all purchases that they can redeem for cash or use to shop from the curated Ugami store for merchandise from top brands including Best Buy, Nvidia, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and many more. These are the new features of the app.



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