Ultima Genomics Emerges from Stealth with $600M in Funding Ultima GenomicsNewark, Ca.-based genomics firm, X, emerged from stealth mode with funding of approximately $600 million.

Backers included General Atlantic, Andreessen Horowitz, D1 Capital, Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed, Marius Nacht, aMoon, Playground Global, and Founders Fund. Ultima is led by Gilad Almogy (founder and Chief Executive Officer) and Doron Lipson (Chair Scientific Officer). Ultima offers a high-throughput, low cost sequencing platform. It leverages a unique architecture to scale beyond traditional sequencing technologies and lower the price of genomic information. Biology’s complexity and dynamic nature has created a virtually unlimited need for genomic information. Routine adoption of sequencing is currently severely limited by costs. Ultima Genomics has created a new sequencing architecture that is more efficient than conventional ones over the last five-years. This includes completely different approaches to sequencing chemistry, flow cell engineering and machine learning.



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