YouHodler, FinTech Platform, Lists Five New Metaverse Tokens For Staking

YouHodlerFinTech platform that focuses on crypto-backed lending, stablecoin loan, crypto exchange and crypto trading announced that several Metaverse tokens have been added to the platform. YouHodler clients Decentraland(MANA), The SandBox, (SAND), Axie infinity (AXS), Axie (MANA), Axie (AXS), Illuvium(ILV), Gala (GALA), are all available right away.

All coins can now be traded (buy/sell), traded or loaned and saved account features. For a limited time, YouHodler will feature promotion interest rates of 25% — 30% APR for these new tokens. This promotion will be valid for one month after the tokens are launched. The interest rates will drop to 3% APR plus compound after that.

YouHodler currently offers interest rates as high at 12.3% for some stablecoins. YouHodler’s embrace of the Metaverse comes during a pivotal moment in the internet’s evolution, as the world starts to shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 — or simply Web3.

The metaverse, an elastic concept, can best be described as the basic evolution of internet. It’s an online space where people can meet, socialize, shop, and even work using avatars. The metaverse allows users to access and exit the metaverse at will, unlike a video chat with their friends. The metaverse is not necessarily a new concept but has garnered a lot of attention in recent years, especially with Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announcing Facebook’s evolution from a social media platform to a metaverse platform.

Decentraland, SandBox and other metaverse platforms have experienced a rapid increase in user growth. This has also led to a rise in the value of native tokens. Ilya Volkov, CEO of YouHodler, states “Web3 and the metaverse represent the next iteration of the internet. We want our clients to use their crypto in a positive manner, not just buy and hold. Hence, we feel offering new tokens such as these give our clients access to the metaverse’s potential combined with our innovative digital asset tools.”

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